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Frequently asked questions

If your inquiry about the Kwentra ecosystem isn’t answered below, email our Experience Team and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

1. General

  • Do I need special equipment to use kwentra?

    kwentra is cloud-based, so all you need is an Internet browser and an Internet connection – no special equipment needed. kwentra is available 24/7 and works even on mobile bandwidth connections. kwentra works best on Firefox and Google Chrome.

  • ​​What if there’s an Internet outage?

    Losing your Internet connection won’t stop you from performing your vital day-to-day operations, such as finalizing payments and helping guests check in or out. Our Front Office module records all activities on your browser’s AppCache data when offline, so once your connection is back, all you need to do is sync the offline activities conducted during the outage to reflect normally on your Front Office. kwentra Point of Sale also has an offline mode which is automatically activated in case of Internet outages to ensure business continuity during busy restaurant hours.

  • Do I need special equipment to use Point of Sale?

    Not at all; kwentra Point of Sale is adaptable to any receipt printer.

  • What languages does kwentra support?

    kwentra is available in seven languages: English, Arabic, Dutch, French, Spanish, and Portuguese. If you prefer working in another language, use Google Chrome and plug in Google Translate widgets to get a basic but operable translated version of kwentra in the language of your choice.

  • Do users have access to all screens and reports?

    We understand the need to limit access to certain parts of the ecosystem, so our configuration is customizable per user so you can include as little or as many access permissions as needed.

  • Is the ecosystem secure?

    kwentra works with leading security analysts and performs periodic security audits and testing. Our modules are built on the Google Cloud Platform and are compliant with all Google security standards.

  • What If I face an issue and need support after working hours?

    Our built-in learning tools and Help Center are the central points for all questions about system usage. If you need further assistance, our support staff are available 24/7 and are always ready to help. In addition, each client has a dedicated Experience Manager at their disposal to ensure constant support for a smooth and seamless experience.

2. Financial

  • The pandemic has already affected my revenue. Why should I spend money on kwentra?

    kwentra strives to support the hospitality industry’s recovery, particularly in the context of the pandemic. Our flexible pricing schemes are designed to provide you with a system that streamlines operations and prevents revenue leakage without unnecessary costs. You can try our pricing calculator to see exactly how much the system would cost in your particular case.

  • My operations are seasonal. Will I have to spend money on kwentra all year long?

    Not at all; kwentra was established by hospitality experts, and we understand that some hotels only operate during specific times of the year, which is why we offer occupancy-based pricing. This means that you’d only need to pay for the system based on the number of guests actually staying at your establishment.

  • I’m from a country with a special tax definition. Can I apply this tax in kwentra?

    The kwentra ecosystem is very flexible when it comes to tax definitions. Our configuration is highly customizable and adaptable to your needs.

  • Can I switch between basic pricing to occupancy-based pricing?

    Our flexible and transparent pricing models are designed to accommodate hospitality establishments of all sizes and needs. You can change your pricing model after your current subscription expires. For more details, contact your Experience Manager or view our terms and conditions page.

3. Onboarding

  • How long does it take for kwentra to go live on my property?

    We pride ourselves on providing the easiest onboarding process in the market. Upon registering, your Experience Manager will send you a welcome pack with all the information you need to get started. This pack will include data loading forms you’ll need to fill out. After you send us the filled-out forms, your new kwentra ecosystem will be available within 48 hours. If you were using another system, we may be able to transfer the data from your old system to kwentra.

  • How do I set up my property on the kwentra ecosystem?

    During your kickoff meeting, your dedicated Experience Manager will explain the onboarding process and develop your customized onboarding plan. In most cases, your setup will be ready to go with some minor modifications based on your preferences. To further speed up the process, we add certain setup details from our template, such as taxing and pricing, which you can change later as needed.

  • How long will it take to complete my training?

    Your training can last as long as you want it to! Our comprehensive Help Center comprises interactive guides and videos that are always available through every screen of the ecosystem so you can learn at your own pace. These guides walk you through the entire kwentra ecosystem step by step and show you how to create a reservation, how to check-in a guest, how to print a report, and much more. In addition, your Onboarding Specialist will set up one-on-one follow-up sessions for any questions you may still have.

  • How long does it take to learn kwentra Front Office?

    Most of our new users can master the basics of kwentra Front Office and Point of Sale right after completing the 30-minute walkthroughs for each module.

  • Can I receive my training in person?

    Classroom training takes people out of your operations and is more costly and time-consuming – all of which are things our system is designed to eliminate. Instead, our online guides and videos offer all the information you need through hands-on learning. If you have an inquiry that isn’t addressed in the Help Center or FAQs, simply contact your dedicated Experience Manager and they’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

4. Operations

  • One of my rooms is undergoing maintenance, can I remove it from my room rack?

    You can set a room as “out of order” from the Room Rack, and the room will not be available for booking through any platform. Once the maintenance issue is resolved, you can set the room to “in order” again.

  • Does kwentra have multiple currency options?

    kwentra is used in more than 20 countries, so we operate daily in multiple currencies across our ecosystem. We also offer a wide range of payment options for you and your guests. You can accept any currency after linking to the payment gateway of your choice.

  • Does kwentra Front Office have an automatic night audit?

    kwentra is one of the very few unique hospitality management systems or property management systems (PMS) that offer an automated night audit feature. Depending on your operational needs, you can continue to run your reconciliation manually or automatically.

  • Does the Booking Engine support online payment during booking?

    kwentra Booking Engine is designed to enable you to drive more direct bookings and reduce commissions paid to online travel agents. The Booking Engine is already integrated with multiple online payment gateways such as Adyen or Paymob. Check out our Partners page for a full list of the payment gateways we’ve partnered with to enhance your experience.

  • Do you have inventory management and cost control for food and beverage outlets?

    Combine our easy-to-use Point of Sale module with our Stock Control and Procurement modules for an efficient and streamlined set of tools to run any food and beverage outlet.

  • If I want to change a setting in my system, who do I contact?

    Our step-by-step learning tools and Help Center combined with your learning sessions with the Onboarding Specialist are designed to empower you so you can make changes to your setup whenever needed. If you need additional assistance, your dedicated Experience Manager is available for 24/7 support.

  • I offer packages and activities at my property, will your system help me sell them?

    The add-on packages feature in kwentra Front Office enables you to link all your activities and supplementary services to cross-sell and up-sell your services either directly from the Front Office or distributed onwards from the Booking Engine or the Channel Manager.

  • Can I use kwentra for hostel-style reservations to put different guests in one room?

    Our Front Office enables you to sell separate beds as individual reservations, but you’ll still be able to book entire rooms privately if needed.